Sadie B
Valentines day

I don’t need chocolates, flowers or cards I have the best gift of all. Your love, cuddles and kisses all year round

Poo talk

Why do people talk shit about their so called mates? Why?


After a trying few days its amazing how looking at my children can melt my heart so much. They have pushed me to the max yet a cuddle and a “love you mum” makes everything forgotten. The love I feel for them is unreal and so magical

The next worlds strongest man <3

The next worlds strongest man <3


Im only friggin 24 and I literally dont know what to do for a living….. I dont want to work for car insurance any longer. I get paid less than a manager at KFC for crying out loud. Im not like my brother who likes selling in london and earns loads of cash. Sorry mum and dad, im just too creative….

Chin up lovely making your dreams come true is never an easy thing. I have faith in you :)

Mums the word

Being a mum is blooming hard work yesterday was hard and I felt I was failing at the one job I have that matters. Today is a new day and a new positive attitude.

Man flu

Not an enjoyable experience.

The challenge of showering


Without getting your hand wet.

This is going to be annoying.

I was given a waterproof bandage for my wrists can you not get one? Good luck though :)

Rainy days

I love the sound of the rain on my window and the way everything looks wet :) people think I’m strange but I just appreciate what water does for us

The most comfortable/annoying present

The most comfortable/annoying present